Tanya Gulliver-Garcia

Tanya Gulliver-Garcia

Tanya Gulliver-Garcia, Assistant Director of Major Initiatives, Center for Disaster Philanthropy

Tanya Gulliver-Garcia brings practical, academic, and philanthropic understanding of disasters to her work. A self-described “disaster junkie,” Tanya is passionate about ensuring the most marginalized and vulnerable in our communities can recover and build resilience. Her work is grounded in principles of equity and an understanding of how the intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, and class impact the lives of individuals, families, and communities. In her spare time, Tanya is an active volunteer with the American Red Cross, serving as a lead responder for local disasters, as well as the government liaison lead for the state, a liaison to the state Emergency Operations Center, and a disaster instructor.

The Changing Dimensions of Disaster Philanthropy Through a Corporate Lens

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Current data show that funders tend to be reactive in their disaster grantmaking. With the increased frequency and intensity of events, however, a strategic approach is more and more important.

Steward Responsively