Martin Schneiderman

Martin Schneiderman

CEO, Information Age Associates

Martin Schneiderman is CEO of Information Age Associates (IAA), a Princeton, New Jersey, management consulting firm. He has served as a senior management consultant doing extensive strategic planning and large-scale project management for 200+ of the largest U.S. and international private and corporate foundations, community foundations, family foundations, philanthropic service providers, Fortune 100 corporations, financial service companies, nonprofits, industry associations, educational institutions, software developers, and philanthropic service providers.

The 2020 Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems: Findings and Recommendations

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Be among the first to hear findings from the brand-new Consumers Guide to Grants Management Systems, which will launch after PEAK2020.

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Roundtable | Successful Strategies for Implementing New Integrated Philanthropic Systems

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In this roundtable we’ll provide a series of real world case studies and lead a discussion of practical lessons that grantmakers have learned as they’ve researched, selected, and worked with online philanthropic system providers to implement new integrated systems.

Steward Responsively