Joel Gutierrez, MBA

Joel Gutierrez, MBA

Senior Consultant, OSR Impact

What Joel enjoys most about being part of the ORS Impact team, is the opportunity to help clients learn from and use measurement and evaluation to improve their work. He listens to clients and beneficiaries and bases his work style in maintaining a calm and unbiased dual perspective. This is to ensure that the team arrives at an end-product that meets the client’s information-needs and tells a compelling story.

His utilization-focused mentality relies on not only the quality of findings but also in the design and presentation of those findings. He has evolved with the firm to develop skills in design and data visualization, and enjoys experimenting with new ways to present quantitative and qualitative data and findings.

Joel joined ORS Impact in 2012 and has worked in multiple capacities, providing him with a rich experience of the organization, its tools and methods, its culture and its lines of business in Theory of Change, Evaluation, and Strategy Development. Joel is currently an MBA candidate at Presidio Graduate School to learn how to leverage the intersection between business, innovation, and justice. His prior experience includes sustainable agricultural work in Colombia and economic development at the City of Seattle.

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Public and private foundations play a critical role in amplifying the voices of underserved communities and advancing important charitable causes. By convening grantees around shared missions and goals, grantmakers can strengthen and build grantee capacity to foster maximize impact.

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