Jessica Barron

Jessica Barron

Consultant, Frontline Solutions

Jessica Barron is a trained sociologist and demographer committed to advancing knowledge, research, and strategies around dismantling systemic barriers to racial equality and inclusion. At Frontline, Jessica directs projects that target structural inequality and foster systemic change. Jessica has a wealth of expertise in facilitation, strategic planning, program assessment and evaluation, qualitative community-centered research, and large-scale data collection and management. She is also the author of The Urban Church Imagined, which examines race, religion, and place in Chicago. Jessica has served as a research scientist and instructor at Duke University, and received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Texas A&M University.

Closing Keynote | Understanding and Changing Your Foundation’s Equity Footprint

Ballroom, Level 3

Philanthropic institutions know how vital it is to center equity in all facets of their work, from operations to grantmaking practice. But if every organization’s pursuit of equity is unique, how can we learn to approach it effectively?

Tie Practices to Values