Hilda Polanco

Founder & CEO, FMA

As founder and CEO, Hilda has led FMA to become the go-to capacity builder that foundation and nonprofit leaders seek to address nonprofit financial management issues. When not speaking publicly or leading FMA’s team, Hilda provides direct capacity building, training, and coaching services to foundations and nonprofits throughout the country.

Building Grantee Financial Capacity

502 Cowlitz

Grantees are focused on their missions and delivering impactful programs, but often don’t have the capacity or funding to gain and retain talent that brings a deep understanding of their own financial health.

Narrow the Power Gap

Pairing Due Diligence with Organization Values

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Assessing the financial health of applicants and grantees is a critical part of the lifecycle of a grant. However, without clear guidelines, foundations run the risk of over-collecting information and becoming overwhelmed.

Steward Responsively