Elena Pereira

Elena Pereira

Grants Assistant, New York State Health Foundation

As grants assistant, Elena Pereira is a member of the grants management team at New York State Health Foundation. Elena supports the grants manager, assists in all grant-related processing operations, and serves as a liaison for grantee organizations and applicants. Elena also previously interned at Room to Grow, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children born into poverty, and served as an office assistant at Boston University’s Office of the Provost for the Vice President and Associate Provost of Research.

Thoughtful Approaches: Training New Staff and Return on Organizational Impact (ROI)

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Building a career in philanthropy is a privilege. For someone new to philanthropy—entering the philanthropic sector with or without a preconceived notion of what that experience is supposed to look like—beginning a career in philanthropy can be a challenge. What are methods used to ease the learning curve of new hires? How do new hires […]

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