Carmen Perez

Carmen Perez

Senior Director, Data Insights, Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose® (CECP)

Carmen is a sought-after advisor for some of the world’s largest companies seeking to improve their social efforts. Whether it’s a bid to increase budgets, an update to programs, or how to strategically align on measuring to manage, Carmen has a track record of success. She has served more than 200 multi-billion-dollar companies with actionable responses to more than 500 fast-track inquires ranging across multiple corporate social investment topics during her seven-year tenure with CECP. Carmen’s expertise in drawing insights from CECP’s vast dataset equips purpose-driven companies with benchmarking to make the case for ever greater outcomes and value produced in their work.

Key Trends in Corporate Philanthropy

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Corporate community investments, volunteer hours, and international giving continue to increase. Human capital with responsibilities to deliver corporate community investment is growing faster than the overall corporate workforce. Increased sophistication in measurement helps make an ever-stronger business case to drive these changes.

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