Andrew Brown

Andrew Brown

Grants Manager, Eugene and Agnes E. Meyer Foundation

I believe that healthy grants management operations are an integral part of what makes a healthy funder. Solid grants management functions and a strong grants management team are what get grant payments out the door – legally and efficiently. The due diligence of a grants management professional moves key resources to the organizations and initiatives working to strengthen communities. I’m proud to be a part of the Meyer Foundation where I can thrive as a grants management professional and shine a light on emerging practices that improve how we support those doing vital work.

Pre-Con | Grants Management 101

502 Cowlitz

This workshop requires an additional registration fee. Sponsored by NGOSource.  This session is PEAK Grantmaking’s exclusive training workshop, designed for professionals who are new to their role in grants management. This includes professionals with backgrounds in accounting, technology systems, program management, and other areas.

Tie Practices to Values