Working In It While Working On It: Candid Conversations with Foundations Focused on Racial Equity

305 Chehalis

In a long-overdue shift, foundations across the country have taken on commitments to racial equity, recognizing that their funding and programs can serve as a form of redress to the legacy of racial and economic oppression. Philanthropic organizations of all sizes and types are adopting a strategic focus on equity, an effort that often involves internal dialogues about the meaning of equity within the organization alongside explicit programmatic and communications strategies that are visible to external stakeholders. Family or regional foundations often serve as a major influence in a regional setting and have long-standing legacies. What is it like to be a white-led regional foundation working on equity? How do you work effectively with your team to launch these initiatives? What internal and external communications are important? How do you bring everyone along in what may seem to be a changing environment? What does transparency look like?

Audience: All Audiences

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