Sponsored Session | STEP – A New Due Diligence for a New Era

507 Saulk

Sponsored by NGOsource.

Finding, vetting, and supporting international organizations can be a challenge for any foundation, regardless of size or resources. The due diligence process can be equally complex, difficult, and laborious. The STEP Due Diligence Framework, developed by TechSoup in partnership with U.K.-based Start Network, will allow resource-stretched NGOs focus on direct service, impact, and partnership with funders. Based on estimates and available data, STEP will reduce by 84% the time and resources NGOs must invest to complete a due diligence review. We have projected that STEP will save large and small organizations alike, on average, almost 600 hours of staff time every year.

Not only does this tiered framework for NGOs add nuance and more information for funders making risk assessments, it substantially increases the number of NGOs with access to funding. In particular, the framework empowers local, in-country, and regional organizations, bringing a wider and more effective group of players to the table, especially those working on humanitarian relief efforts. Join us to learn more about STEP, its development, and its powerful applications.

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