Making the Most of Organizational Assessments: Lessons from Funders and Grantees

307 Methow

How can grantmakers better support the organizational capacity needs of our grantee partners? How can we best utilize the dozens of organizational assessment tools available to foundations and nonprofits in this process? In doing a landscape scan of these organizational assessment tools, the Hewlett Foundation and research and evaluation consultants at Informing Change found that the tool mattered less than the process, intentions, and players involved in organizational assessment.

During this session, we will unpack our lessons from the landscape scan while bringing in the firsthand experience of the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust and its grantee partner City Year. We’ll delve into questions about why Einhorn Family Charitable Trust chose the Performance Practice tool (formerly PIOSA) as its assessment tool, how they structure the process with grantees, what worked well for City Year and what advice they have for other grantmakers. Attendees will come away with a deeper and nuanced understanding of how funders can more effectively incorporate organizational assessment tools and processes to support stronger grantee organizations.

Audience: All Audiences

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