Implement Project Management Tools for Greater Impact

301 Ashnola

Grants managers hold immense project management responsibility. We must keep a bird’s eye view of all the work ahead AND remember all the tiny details necessary to get the job done well. Web-based project management tools have numbered the days for to-do lists scribbled on Post-it Notes. With teams increasingly working remotely, across time zones, and from different offices, collaboration has never been more essential to working efficiently and effectively.

Web-based project management tools provide a solution for team collaboration across workplaces, and grants managers are integral to the implementation process. In this discussion and activity-filled session, participants will begin creating a web-based task management adoption plan, including writing a goal statement and identifying their organization’s project management needs. Through discussion, participants will also learn best practices from other organizations at different stages of task management tool adoption and implementation.

Audience: All Audiences

Tie Practices to Values