A New Data Infrastructure for Measuring Risk

303 Bogachiel

Robust risk data shines a light on threats to impact and highlights those interventions with the highest potential for success. Without this data, we’re making grants in the dark.

An unpredictable world requires us, as philanthropy practitioners, to be agile and responsible in how we manage scarce resources. Open Road Alliance has seen, from their own investment portfolio, just how likely grantees are to face an unexpected obstacle that jeopardizes their impact, as well as how funders overall are unprepared to deal with these risks. Part of the problem is that grantmakers often don’t have the tools or systems to plan for, mitigate, and monitor risks to impact. This session will explore a variety of simple tools to integrate basic risk management into existing grantmaking processes. Participants will also test a new online tool offered via Vera Solutions that digitizes a simple risk management process.

Audience: All Audiences

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