A highlight of the PEAK2020 experience, our keynote presentations will deliver powerful testimony and thought-provoking exchanges on pressing issues in philanthropy.


Inspiration and Courage for Movement Building in Philanthropy

LaTosha Brown, Co-Founder, Black Voters Matter Fund

My whole life, I wanted to be a part of change. I wanted to use my gifts and skills to help people tap into their own sense of power. — LaTosha Brown  

As a strategy for change, movement building has leapt to the forefront of philanthropic conversations. However, many are still stuck at the conversation stage: They don’t know how, or feel they don’t have the positional power, to help move from discussion to concrete action.

During our opening keynote, LaTosha Brown, co-founder of Black Voters Matter Fund, will empower attendees to go from talking about change to setting it into motion. Sharing highlights and lessons learned from her real-life experiences, LaTosha will encourage attendees to advance change fearlessly, facilitate courageous conversations, and develop leadership that is built upon, and supports, the values of equity, justice, and inclusion.



Building Equity for Native Communities through Collaboration

Carly Bad Heart Bull, Native Nations Activities Manager, Bush Foundation
Jen Bokoff, Director of Stakeholder Engagement, Candid 
Tim Fox, Vice President of Indigenous Relations, Calgary Foundation

At PEAK2019, keynote speaker Edgar Villanueva challenged us to recognize blind spots in philanthropy, and focus our efforts on centering Native peoples in all aspects of philanthropy. But how are foundations actually doing this, and how do grants management processes and data factor in? 

Join us for a panel discussion examining how grants management processes and data can be used to make funding more accessible to, and focused on, Native communities. In addition to exploring the funding data tied to Native communities, panelists will also dive into the transformative journeys of the Bush Foundation and Calgary Foundation as they’ve pursued inclusivity through internal practice change. 


Understanding and Changing Your Foundation’s Equity Footprint

Jessica Barron, Consultant, Frontline Solutions

Philanthropic institutions know how vital it is to center equity in all facets of their work, from operations to grantmaking practice. But if every organization’s pursuit of equity is unique, how can we learn to approach it effectively? Fortunately, there are some common ways to think about this work and measure our progress. Through extensive work with clients in the philanthropy space, Frontline Solutions has developed the “Equity Footprint” framework. Like a carbon footprint, this tool helps philanthropic leaders analyze the impact of their institutions and help them determine the best path forward.

Capping off the PEAK2020 experience, this session will give attendees a method for leveraging what they’ve learned throughout the conference to determine actionable next steps in their institution’s journey toward equity.