PEAK2020 Conference App

The PEAK2020 Conference App is now live! The conference app has the latest and greatest information about PEAK2020. 

Sponsored by Arnold Ventures

Get Started

Follow these steps to get started if you used the app in 2018 or 2019 and have the same email address:

– Open the app on your device, click “log in” and “I have an account.”
– Use the “forgot your password” link to reset your password.
– If you’re using a new or different device, search your app store for “PEAK Grantmaking Conference” and install the app. Enter your existing
credentials or reset your password. Click the PEAK2020 image and “select this event” button.
– Used the app in 2018 or 2019, but used a different email address for registration?
– Use the instructions below to create a new account.

First-time user?

– Download the app: Search your app store for “PEAK Grantmaking Conference” and install the app.
– Create your account, then open the app and click “log in.” Click “get started” and enter and confirm the email address you used to register
for PEAK2020, then add a password and your name. Click “sign up.”
– Look for the confirmation email from “PEAK Grantmaking Conference” and follow the instructions to verify your app account.
– Click the PEAK2020 image and “select this event” button.

Ready to dive in?

– Customize the app: Add or update your photo and profile, then choose your preferences – including directory listing, email display, and
availability for messaging with other attendees.
– Learn about features: Click on “How to Use This App” for a tour of features that will enhance your conference experience.
– Build your schedule: Create your personal schedule using the session list.
Note: This is not a reservation; all sessions are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
– Plan to connect: Explore the attendee, presenter, and exhibitor directories.
– Stay informed: Look for daily highlights in the app menu and alerts for upcoming events. You’ll also find maps, a link to the PEAK2020
CONNECT forum, and local information on Seattle.