Brave Would-Be Equity Warriors Wanted for DEI Conversations

With “Courage In Practice” as the PEAK2020 theme, I cannot think of a better way to open the experience than a Bring Your Brave Face Conversation 2.0!

Last year in Denver, we began a series of brave conversations about race, equity, and inclusion with our PEAK brethren. First, with our standing-room-only session, Bring Your Brave Face, We’re Talking Race, Equity and Inclusion. This session was brimming over with people and a palatable curiosity and hunger to interact over topics of race, equity, and inclusion in grantmaking and in our organizations. We followed it up with a webinar in June with the same title and some candid discussion on how to personally build emotional fortitude for conversations in our day-to-day lives.

Those two experiences made it clear we needed to develop a full-day workshop to spend with ourselves and our peers building critical competencies around discussion and action to advance equity in our lives and our work.

I hope you’ll join us on Sunday, March 8, for Brave DEI Conversations 2.0: Intensive Training to Be An Equity Warrior in Your Life and Work

Why do we put “life” before “work” in our workshop title? It’s pretty simple. How you do anything, is how you do everything. I live by that saying. I observe the concept in others regardless of what they may say. People are who they are. And if you are not growing your equity journey in your life, there is no way you will have an equity journey in your work. Grantmaking is too important and has too many implications to make this work just about “work.” There are people behind the ask of our partners. There are lives impacted by the grants we distribute. There are systems to disrupt and rebuild with our investments. We have no way to lead toward equity at work if it is not a sincere desire and goal in our own lives.

We are entering a very volatile time in our country and in the world. With economic systems strained and on the verge of recession, climate events on the rise worldwide and the uncertainty of leadership in the US due to an election year, tolerance for risk will be very low in the coming days. That is precisely why our lives and our work are critical to lead us through these turbulent times. It is our duty to protect and provide for the most vulnerable among us.

Many of our organizations have diversity, equity and inclusion goals but few have clear directives on how to integrate equity in our day-to-day operations. We believe it starts with individuals. Individuals make up systems. And this March in Seattle, we will impact individuals and send them back to impact their systems.

Join us.

Denise Barreto