Our Values

Here at PEAK Grantmaking, we’ve been talking a lot about values and how to put them into practice. We wanted to highlight a couple of ways we’re using our biggest event of the year to live our values of  Learning, Community, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Our volunteer leaders and staff  put a lot of work into designing our program each year. We consider the feedback that we’ve received and do our best to put it into practice. 

Our schedule this year is packed full of practitioners, thought leaders, and partners that are bringing the knowledge, skills, and inspiration you need to advance your career and implement better grantmaking practices.  

We’ve heard that you want more time to connect and/or decompress between sessions. This year, we’ve added longer coffee breaks to our schedule so you can recharge and be ready to learn. 

We’ve heard that you care about sustainability. We’ve chosen a LEED Gold certified hotel and, whenever possible, selected more sustainable conference swag and materials.

We’ve also heard that you’d like us to support your pursuits in health and wellness. This year, we’ve included several opportunities and activities to help you take care of yourselves throughout the event — both mentally and physically. We’ve added more time into the schedule to relax, reflect, and recharge. Reusable water bottles will be provided to all attendees and water will be plentiful. Food ingredients will be clearly marked and all dietary requirements met.


When you connect with new friends and old at the conference, you create and sustain a community that supports you in your work. This year, we’re providing a lot of different ways for you to connect with your community: a newcomer’s orientation if it’s your first time,  a welcome happy hour to kick off the week, an amazing opening reception, facilitated roundtable discussion, engaging chapter meetings, a special volunteer reception to honor our volunteers, and lots of other great opportunities to connect with your peers. 

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

PEAK Grantmaking is committed to making sure that our annual conference is an inclusive space for grantmaking professionals to learn, network, and communicate ideas. All attendees, staff, visitors, and vendors are expected to treat one another with respect and be mindful of their behaviors, both in person and on social media. When we ask you to exhibit “courage in practice,” it is a request to both look inward and to speak out in order to engage in growing our equity practice together. 

We often hear that people come to our conference because they feel a sense of belonging. In order to nurture that sense of belonging, we’d like to highlight the following conference features:

Gender Pronouns. During registration, you’ll be asked for your preferred gender pronouns. These will be displayed on attendee badges to help facilitate more respectful and open conversations during the conference. 

Gender-neutral bathrooms. The conference floors of the hotel are equipped with gender neutral bathrooms.

Accessibility. The hotel and all public areas are fully accessible. If you require any accommodations, please include them on your registration form, contact us at conference@peakgrantmaking.org or speak with a staff member at the registration booth on the 3rd level of the hotel.

Scholarships. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, the Marguerite Casey Foundation and the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, we were able to provide 10 registration scholarships to members to attend our conference this year.

Our Commitment

In each of these areas, we know there is room for improvement. Please give feedback by filling out the conference evaluation forms or stopping by our Member Services booth during the conference. We’d love to hear your suggestions and will always look for ways to evolve and grow into fully living out our values.